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  An Introduction to Ghost Light by Joseph O’Connor

On a Saturday night, when I was a teenager in 1970s Ireland, my pals and I would go to the school-kids’ disco at the Presentation College, Glasthule. ‘Prez’, as it was known, was fairly grimy at the time, but fantastically exciting, too. Deep Purple were in vogue. The girls wore cheesecloth and denim. When Status Quo were played, the air would be filled with swirling dandruff as we head-banged and thrashed air guitars. The climax of the evening was always Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’, and if you... More >>

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  A Guide to The Star of the Sea

CLICK HERE to view/download a Star of the Sea Guide and Sample Questions for Book Clubs (PDF document)

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Link HERE to many-layered and richly illustrated website about O'Connor's novel Star of the Sea, developed by students at Concordia College, Minnesota.

This Scalar book is centered on learning, with the goal of helping those who are coming to Star of the Sea as first-time readers, students, or teachers. We imagine that you may have questions or want to know more about the background to this novel, about ways of thinking about the issues raised by the novel, and about how the novel connects to Irish history and the wider postcolonial world.


  A Guide to Redemption Falls


Joseph O’Connor


I’m never sure about the extent to which writers choose their subjects. Often, the process seems to work the other way around, so that you wouldn’t even call it a choice, as such, but more of an invitation. An image, literally a picture unfurls itself in your mind, or a line of dialogue, or a situation involving two characters. You might hear... More >>

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