Redemption Falls  

1865. Eighteen years after the Irish famine-ship Star of the Sea docked at New York, a daughter of its journey, Eliza Duane Mooney, sets out on foot from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on a quest that will take her across a continent ravaged by Civil War. Redemption Falls is a Dickensian tale of war and forgiveness, of strangers in a strange land, of love put to the ultimate test. Packed with music, balladry, poetry, and storytelling, this is ‘a grand polyphonic canvas [with] moments of sustained brilliance which in psychological truth and realism make Daniel Defoe look like a literary amateur’ (Boston Globe).

‘A masterpiece.’ The Sunday Tribune.

‘Truly astonishing.’ The Sunday Times.

'A superb achievement...A virtuoso performance - but also a great book to keep you company on long summer evenings.' The Irish Times.

'Bursting with strong, well sculpted characters. This book cements O’Connor’s reputation as a novelist of the highest order.' Glasgow Herald.

‘A major work of modern fiction by an astoundingly accomplished novelist.’ The Guardian.



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